Board of Directors

The NCMA Orange County Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors. Individually, the Board consists of dedicated professionals that were recommended by nominating committee and elected by majority vote. Collectively, the Board is entrusted with ensuring the Chapter acts as an effective and responsible organization. The Board has played a key role in the success of NCMA Orange County and we are pleased to recognize each member.

Chapter Officers:

Virginia Suveiu


Vice President
Gail Gross


Marlene Batelaan


Janice Galang


Vice President of Education
Ryan Blaney


Vice President of Technology
Daniel Hitzfield


Vice President of Programs
Marlene Batelaan


Membership Chair
Debra Hunter-Bonner


Awards Chair
Gail Gross


Employment Chair
Debra Hunter-Bonner


Member at Large
Ed Velasquez


Member at Large
Cathy Finnie