NCMA Orange County Chapter Overview

NCMA Orange County Chapter Overview

 The Orange County Chapter is an established and highly regarded Chapter of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA). As an NCMA Chapter, we are a local ambassador of the world’s leading professional resource for those in the field of contract management. We offer education, leadership development, networking opportunities, and valuable resources to professionals in Southern California. Our strength lies in our loyal and diverse base of members, representing myriad of industries and Government organizations. Our chapter members range from new professionals to executive levels of organizational leadership and cover every position within the spectrum of contract management. We are an award-winning Chapter with award-winning members. We are the Orange County Chapter.


 Our chapter provides educational and training forums presented by government and industry experts who bring a diverse array of knowledge and experience that your management team needs. We provide resources for individuals, small and large businesses, and Government organizations related to a wide variety of subjects. We also host NCMA Certification study groups, exams, and National Education Seminars. The training and educational content the Orange County Chapter provides is beneficial to all contracts management professionals and meets business professionals needs for continuing educational credits.


 Through our support of the Contract Management Leadership Development Program, our mentoring program, the Advancing Professionals program and the various certification programs and exams, the Orange County Chapter supports the professional and leadership development of the next generation of acquisition professionals. Our chapter membership includes many of the most experienced acquisition and contracts management professionals in both industry and government, giving you access to the voices of experience.

 Networking Opportunities

 The value of NCMA is its neutrality, providing a forum to share perspectives and build a network of professional contacts, beyond the workplace. Our events provide a chance to get to know others professionals in the contract management career field and other careers. We work closely with members of Government, Industry and other professional associations to bring programs that add value and enhance knowledge to our community.


 The Orange County Chapter is a steward of the contract management community. We ensure contract management professionals in the Southern California Area maintain their reputation as being world-class! In addition to education, development, and networking, we offer assistance through our scholarships, certification reimbursement policy, and growing library of NCMA literature and materials. We also welcome any and all volunteers and speakers that share in our goal of bolstering the profession!